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How it works

The Solar Thermal Water Heating System consists of 3 main parts:-

Solar Thermal Panels

Fitted to the roof absorbing the sun's heat through series of collectors which then transfer the heat through the fluid in the solar circuit pipes.

Solar Circuit

The solar Circuits function is to transfer the hot fluid from the collectost o the hot water cylinder.

Hot Water Cylinder

The hot water culinder recieves the heat and transfer it to the hot water supply to give you free domestic hot water for your home.


  • Solar energy is free and plentiful. The Sun provides nearly 6,000 times as much energy in a year as humanity uses globally in the same time.
  • Solar water heating can reduct hot water bills by up to 70% for the year.
  • Every penny you put into Solar PV adds to the value of your home. Dependant on the fuel being replaced you could save up to half a tonne of CO2.
  • Carbon neutral and silent in operation, your new Thermal panels will simply sit on the roof, quietly collecting the heat for all your domestic hot water needs (along with saving you some cash) for the duration of their lifespan.


  • By generating your own hot water from Solar Thermal Panels you can make considerable savings by not using reliant on the national grid to heat your domesitc hot water system.
  • Savings are made on electricity and gas bills because you are not constantly using your boiler to hear the domestic hot water.
  • Adding value to your home by installing renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • The system should pay for itself within 12 to 15 years and as energy costs rise the payback shortens and the value of the savings increases.